Saturday, 18 December 2010

Ash Gets Annoyed

I roleplay as a slave in SL Gor and to be honest it is starting to get me down.  Aside from all of the drama that is unleashed every single day, there are so many fuckwits running around.

I am tired of the arguments that I should not be roleplaying a slave if I am not one and that whether I am outside of Gor, in IM or using group chat I should remain in character.  Get this through your thick heads - I pay my internet bill not you and therefore I do what I want.  If you don't like it you can go fuck yourselves.

Don't lecture me about what I can and cannot do, what I can and cannot say and what I can and cannot think.  I don't care what role you are playing, you do not tell me out of character what to say, do or think.  If you do, I would suggest that you are a bully and should be reported as often as possible to Linden Labs for what amounts to little more than griefing.

The Community Standards states:-

1) Intolerance - Combating intolerance is a cornerstone of Second Life's Community Standards. Actions that marginalize, belittle, or defame individuals or groups inhibit the satisfying exchange of ideas and diminish the Second Life community as a whole.  

2) Harassment - Given the myriad capabilities of Second Life, harassment can take many forms. Communicating or behaving in a manner which is offensively coarse, intimidating or threatening, constitutes unwelcome sexual advances or requests for sexual favors, or is otherwise likely to cause annoyance or alarm is Harassment.

The Community Standards forms part of the Terms of Service which you agree to on sign up to Second Life.  If you don't like them, do us all a favour and don't log in!

Something else that is annoying me is the 'lifestyle Goreans'.  Give your heads a shake...Gor is a fantasy world created by an average writer with a good imagination.  You are not Gorean.  You cannot live like a Gorean because you don't know what a Gorean actually is.  You were born and raised on Earth so you don't have the mindset of a Gorean.  Many say that the ethos is about 'honour', but many of them do not honour themselves let alone anyone else.  The Gor books tread a very narrow path that does not give a full perspective of life - if it did, there would not be so many arguments about what should and should not take place.  Lifestyle Goreans look down on roleplayers because we only play.  Well you know what?  I look down on lifestyle Goreans.  I live and function in a real world that is not one of absolutes - your views of everything being black and white leave me cold.  I live in a world where I am master in my own home and where I am both master and slave in a working environment.  So I say to you lifestylers "take a reality check...and if you find something lacking, perhaps you need professional help".

To all of those people who say "well I have read all of the books so I know everything about Gor" I reply, "well I have a real life and am not wasting it on a badly written set of books, maybe if you got your head out of the books and actually engaged in real life you wouldn't be such a grade A twat".

The misogynistic world of Gor is impractical in real terms.  Look at our own history...slaves have rebelled (even if unsuccessfully in many cases, they still revolted against their oppression) and women have risen from their oppression in most societies too.  In order for a society to progress, there needs to be change.  Norman uses the existence of the Priest Kings to effectively stunt the whole civilisation.

So why I am roleplaying in SL Gor?  Because I enjoy roleplay for a few hours a day and the world of SL Gor is one of the most developed of the roleplay environments because of the works of John Norman.  Trust me, if I could find a roleplay environment that was based on a true and celebrated sci-fi classic like Frank Herbert's Dune novels, I would be there in the blink of an eye.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

The Empty Boy

The past couple of months has been quite busy for me.  Many moons ago I signed up for classes at the Gorean University (formerly the Gorean Pleasure Silk University), but my schedule meant I could not attend.  A couple of months ago I was able to attend two of the classes that I wanted to do.

Over the course of the last few weeks both of my classes have finished.  I managed to complete both of them with grades high enough to graduate.

The kajiri dance class I did was very hard but I learned a lot about dancing in a Gorean manner - until I did the class, I had no idea there were so many different dances covered by the books.  The class helped me with my emoting skills, but had a bigger made me think about who I really am.  This was partly from reading the Dancer of Gor book.  The course was tough and dancing in front of everyone at graduation was nerve shredding.  I did manage to finish third in my class, which I was proud of.

The Pleasure Silks 101 class was also tough and also helped with emoting and awareness of many elements in Gor...such as animals, time, measurements, foods, etc.  Thankfully graduation required very little input from me!  My final score was 98.3 which is way better than I ever expected.

Both classes were fantastic and helped me so much.  Next year there is a Kajirus class, but it looks like that due to timezone differences I won't be able to attend.  There is also Pleasure Silks 201, a class I am hoping to take but...

I am not sure I have anything left to give right now.  My Master is absent and I find it hard to make my way in a Gorean world as a lone slave.  Even OOC it feels like I don't exist in his absence.  Maybe my time in Gor is coming to an has been an eventful year.  I suppose that is some consolation.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Work, Work, Work

Life for a Gorean slave is not easy...

You end up working for your Master...


Then helping out with chores in the tavern...

Then there are chores in the city...

And then you are expected to work in the baths!

Life is hard.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps...

Perhaps if I was more skilled at serving.  Perhaps if I was more interesting.  Perhaps if I was a better fighter.  Perhaps if I was more pleasing in the furs.  Perhaps if I was less outspoken.  Perhaps.

Perhaps being me is not enough.  Perhaps trying my best is insufficient.  Perhaps I am different to other kajiri.  Perhaps this life is a mistake.  Perhaps.

Perhaps there is someone out there who can love me.  Perhaps there is someone out there who would be proud of me.  Perhaps I might feel as if I am not alone in this world.  Perhaps.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Sa Tarna Harvest Festival

The days grow shorter as the month of Se'Kara and the second turning approaches; and the Sa-Tarna, the Life-Daughter, in the fields turns golden, rich with the promise of a plentiful harvest ~ and food for the winter.

As the slaves begin the harvest, working from sunrise  into the night, thoughts turn to the festival, the time of great rejoicing as the harvest is brought home.

Mark your calendars and plan to attend the United Continent of Gor (UCG) Sa-Tarna Harvest Festival. The Festival will be celebrated during the Second Hand of the Eighth Month, 10,160 CA (October 22, 23, and 24.)

Come one, come all, to three days of contests, dances, and prizes, prizes, prizes hosted by ten Gorean cities.

Hosted by:  

  • Isle of Tabor
  • Isle of the Two Scimitars
  • Hillcrest
  • Tabor East
  • Tabor Tropics
  • Scimitar Plains 
  • Three Winds
  • Village of Nyundo                        
  • Northern Tabor
  • Hulneth Bay

With the Participation of:

  • Thassa Mercs
  • Mur Slave Academy 
  • Etihad Outlaws



5:30-6 PM         Scimitar Plains                    

  • Festival Opening Harvest RP
  • Initiate Blessing of the Harvest

6 PM onwards    Isle of the Two Scimitars - Town Square and Tavern

  • Festival Opening
  • IC Dance & Bonfire


8AM - 9AM       Tabor
  • Opening Ceremony
  • Blessing of the Initiates
  • Coronation of King and Queen

Coronation Details:

Prizes: L$1500, Crown,  Banderole for each,  Queen and King.

Coronation Rules

Only IC People can Vote.

The Winner of each category, Queen and King, will get the prizes of L$1500 each.

Voting will be by competition board on the scheduled Time.

9-10 AM       Northern Tabor
  • Canoe Races   
Canoe Race Rules

  1. Canoes and paddles can be rezzed at the NE corner dock of the Northern Tabor sim.
  2. Line up at the big Starting/Finish Line near the dock.  Wait for the Judge to count down and announce GO!
  3. Follow the large red arrows along the course.  The course will cross sim borders.   It will feel like you have stopped when at a sim crossing - KEEP PRESSING THE FORWARD ARROW KEY!  After a few seconds you will begin moving again.
  4. First 3 racers to make it back to the Starting/Finish Line win!

Prizes are:   1st Place:  $2000L, 2nd Place:  $1000L, 3rd Place: $500L

10-11 AM       Three Winds South

  • Flying Fur

Jump down from the lighthouse in Three Winds South and try to land on the red spot.

What's needed:
A well trained body …you have to climb hundreds of steps to get to the top.
You should be able to swim….no lifeguard present.
Not afraid of heights.

The contest itself:

Every minute 1 person may enter the lighthouse and start climbing….get the flying “fur”…
Click the safety rod…and jump…..say in chat…”pull”   …..and try to land on the red spot.
Keep in mind….it’s hard.

You can jump as often as you like depending on the number of participants. Only one hit counts.

The people who hit the red spot share  L$ 2000 no matter which part of your body hits the red spot.

11 AM-1 PM     Tabor                      

  • Kaissa Tournament 
  • IC Dance
  • Nyundo Trivia

1-3 PM     Isle of the Two Scimitars

  • Slave Dance Competition 

One of the centerpiece competitions of the Harvest Festival will be the Slave Dance Competition, held on the Isle of the Two Scimitars.  Enjoy the flowing sensual moves and the erotic and mesmerizing emotes by Gor's best dancers.  This is a judged competition, and there will be an audience favorite award as well.  Both kajirae and kajiri are eligible to compete.


Judged Competition Prizes: 1st-L$3,000; 2nd-L$2,000; 3rd- L$1,000
Audience Award Prize: L$2,000

3-5 PM     Tabor 

  • Slave/Free Auction 

The Rules:

  • All proceeds for the sales will be split 50/50 between the slave's Homestone city and the slave being sold.  This will be fund raiser to put coin into the city treasuries for city operations.
  • For the temporary enslavements (slave or Free!), buyers are awarded the services of their purchase for three (3) hours with the time and exact details to be worked out by mutual agreement.  Have fun any way you like, no commitments, no strings attached, what happens there stays there.  ;-)
  • And there's more!  Some of the Tabor City slaves will be auctioned to new owners.  Aye!  You read that right.  We'll be auctioning some of our slaves for permanent ownership.  So bring your coin.  Bids start at L$2500.  Buyers are awarded their slaves as their legal Gorean private slave.
  • All those being auctioned should report to the market at 2:30PM SLT for line up and viewing.  There'll be some that will want to view and interview their potential purchases.

5 PM onwards     Tabor Tropics

  • Sa Tarna Bonfire Dance                        


Harvest carnival - Tabor
10 AM - 6 PM Kissing Booth -  Tabor (Hosted by Thassa Mercs)
Art Competition Exhibition - Three Winds
Yard Sale - Tabor East
Open Taverns - Throughout the cluster
Bathing - Scimitar Baths


8-10 AM     Hillcrest

  • Tarn Races

  1. No entrance fee.
  2. Free Tarns are available from the Tabor Tarn House located in SW Tabor.  All racers must use a tarn from this house.
  3. Best of Three Rounds.
  4. One tarnsman at a time will race the course, due to starting gate logistics.
  5. Wait for the judge to give you the go ahead.
  6. Click on the starting gate to open it, then race the course.  Your time begins once the gate is opened.
  7. Tarnsmen must pass thru all gates - the closing gate keeps track of gates passed through.  If a 
  8. gate(s) is missed then the scoring will be adjusted accordingly.  Gates score first, then times.  

Prizes:    First Place     L$ 2000
Second Place     L$ 1000
Third Place     L$ 500

10 AM-Noon     Hulneth Bay

  • Mur Academy Wagon Races           
  1. Contestants make yourselves ready in the "Ready area" and line up at the Starting Line to begin.
  2. Each race will have no more than 8 chariots in a 'leg'. (Or the lag gets bad.)
  3. During the 'leg', Riders for the next race will wait in the Ready Area.
  4. The winners of each leg of the race will be noted, and face the winners of the next leg in a TWO LAP race to determine 1st, 2nd & 3rd places.

Prizes: 1st Place: 2000L
2nd Place: 1000L
3rd Place: 500L

Noon-2 PM     Isle of the Two Scimitars

  • Warrior Run - Slave Hunt                

Welcome to the Scimitar Warrior Run/Slave Hunt Competition -  where Masters and Mistresses chase and cap slaves.. and each other.  The winning Master/Mistress with the most caps is honored with a prize as is the slave captured the least  number of times!!   You may want to make yourself familiar with the lands of Scimitar and Scimitar Plains prior to the competition if you have not been here.

Objective . . .To have some fun, test your resolve and get bruised up a bit!

All participants will gather to begin the game at Scimitar arena. Warriors and Frees gather and stay INSIDE THE ARENA. Slaves gather OUTSIDE.

Slaves are given a head start to run and hide ANYWHERE ON SCIMITAR OR SCIMITAR PLAINS.   Warriors and other Frees capture, bind as many slaves (male/female) as possible, returning their caps to the starting point SCIMITAR ARENA  where their caps are recorded.  

Slaves then are freed to run back to the combat area.  Warriors and Frees also return to the combat area for their next capture.  The one with the most caps wins bragging rights, unless the captives raise the stakes (be sure to see below!!).

Sounds easy so far, but wait....

What if the one you're after is being chased by another? Then beat the other Warrior, bash him, Mad Max him and get to the slave first. When you reach the arena, the captive is yours, free and clear.  And if you can cap that other Warrior.. hehe.. you can bring him in and add him to your capture count!!

2-4 PM     Tabor East

  • Tournament                                        

Tabor Tournament Rules - Sword Fighting

  1. No blades drawn outside the arena
  2. Blades set on Melee
  3. 40% maximum damage
  4. No fists or duel wielding
  5. Best of 5 bouts wins
  6. No blade throwing
  7. No Shields
  8. No Jumping
  9. Dodging is allowed
  10. "Double Bubble" = Tie
  11. Be in "Arena Mode"

Tabor Tournament Rules - Slaves

  1. No blades drawn outside arena
  2.  Blades set on melee
  3. 40% damage
  4. No fists/dual wielding
  5. Best of five bouts, on count of three.
  6. No throwing of blades.
  7. No shields
  8. No jumping
  9. Running/dodging is allowed
  10. Be in arena mode
  11. Double bubble = tie

4 PM onwards     Tabor

  • Closing Ceremony & Party 
  • Announcement of all winners 


Harvest carnival - Tabor
Art Competition Exhibition - Three Winds
Yard Sale - Tabor East
Open Taverns - Throughout the cluster
Bathing - Scimitar Baths

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Words, Words, Words

Words in SL and Gor can be strange.  Language is most often written rather than spoken, especially when role playing, and people often tend to forget what they are reading on screen is actually meant to be taken as speech. Then again there are plenty of people who know your name without ever being told it ("it says it above your head...") or who can read your thoughts when you emote them.

The way some words are handled annoys me greatly...such as Master and master.  Yes you can read the difference but can you hear it when you speak?  I very much doubt it since it is the same exact word except for the capitalisation...and I am definitely not the sort of person who says "Tal, master with a capital m".  Most of the time it goes by unnoticed when you miss the capitalisation, other times you find you are addressing an arsehole...with a capital a.

Ash Horchester: "Tal, master"
Master Arsehole: "Address me as Master"
Ash Horchester: "Erm...I did Master..."
Master Arsehole: "No you called me master instead of Master"
Ash Horchester does not HEAR a difference in the words but smiles at the arsehole in front of him; "Sorry Master, I do apologise for my error".
Ash Horchester would also like to point out that his use of the word 'arsehole' was not in thought not in speech so please do not react to it, you complete and utter fuckwit (also not direct speech).
Master Arsehole becomes apoplectic and gets Muted.

A word is sometimes used to describe male slaves within the gay Gorean environment I role play in..."boi".  This is not a word from the works of John Norman but is a slang term used (mostly) within the LGBT and BDSM communities.  Obviously when "spoken" it is impossible to distinguish 'boi' and 'boy', but it does annoy me when it is written in a scroll or such.  In the lesbian community, boi refers to a boyish lesbian.  In the gay community, boi is a young gay man.  In the BDSM community, boi is a term used for someone who is a usually passive/submissive.  It can be hard to see how the word relates to some of the role players in SL Gor.  The male slaves are generally not lesbians (well...), some of the slaves can be 100 years old and still be slaves so are not young and not all of the slaves are submissive in the furs; there are plenty of Free Men who can easily answer to 'Master' in public and 'my bitch' in private!  At least we can be thankful that it is never used in capital letters as that would be an abbreviation for the Bank Of Ireland...

Sunday, 10 October 2010

A Word in Your Ear...

I am a roleplayer.  My chosen environment is Gor.  I am a kajirus, that is a male slave.  The plural of the word is kajiri, but so many times you see kajirus used for plural, presumably because it ends in 's'.  The singular version used is kajiru...

I realise not everyone is familiar with the rules of Latin nominative adjective morphology, but you would think they might do a little research in to what they are roleplaying given the wealth of background material.  I would not expect everyone to read each and every one of the Gor novels, but it is nice if you can cover the basics.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Introducing Ash

Hello...or rather, Tal.  My name is Ash and I am an avatar within the virtual world of Second Life.  I role play as a kajirus within Gor.  My home is with my Master on the Isle of Tabor.  My Master is Damion Praga and he is a blacksmith; I assist him with his work.

Ash's Backstory

Ash is aged 20.  He was born in Fina.  His father was a merchant, but both of his parents were killed by raiders when their caravan was attacked deep in the Tahari desert.  Ash escaped the attack; he has a brother who was taken by the raiders and he has not seen him since.  Ash managed to get back to Klima, where he was cared for by the Head Physician.  He was then delivered to Tabor for his safety.  After being placed in the city kennel, he was purchased by the Chief Magistrate before becoming the boy of the blacksmith.  

Ash is used to wealth and privilege, but submitted as a slave to survive.  He does not have the mentality of a slave...putting a collar on him changed his status, not his personality.

Ash feels alone for the first time in his life and thinks he is not worthy of love or affection, but pretends to be brave and feisty.  Life is lonely even with so many people around him.