Wednesday, 5 January 2011

The End Is Nigh...Or Now

Last week the world fell apart for Ash, the Gorean slave.  He lost his Master and his Home Stone in Gor.  Out of character I lost my roleplay and I lost everything I had worked for in attending the Gorean University.  My Master showed a lack of interest in me for too long and something I can't speak of happened which made me realise just how worthless I actually am.  So I walked out on everything, even had to give up my little home.

I hurts me that I was of no value to him as I went back to Gor after a break especially to be his kajirus.  It hurts me even more that he has not tried to make contact with me to explain or discus the situation.

As soon as I announced I was leaving I started to receive offers from other Gorean Masters who are interested in acquiring me, but it is too soon and my wounds are too raw.  There are currently six men willing to take me in.  What is to say that it won't happen again?  Perhaps I will be a disappointment to future Masters too.

Only two people from Tabor have contacted me - so I guess I know what they think of me too.

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  1. My former Master IMd me today - it made me so happy.