Friday, 7 January 2011

Random Thoughts On SL Gor

Given the limited range of Gorean musical instruments and the absence of electricity, why do so many Gorean sims have pounding rock music?  Surely classical, folk or world music would be more appropriate.

Is there such a thing as the Caste of Tattooists?  So many male avatars are covered with tattoos I am sure Tattooists should be a High Caste purely based on there apparent numbers!

Why do cities often have an Ubar instead of an Administrator?  Is everyone permanently at war?

As typical clothing is a tunic, how has the Caste of Fashionistas managed to convince so many men to wear leather pants or kilts?

Free Men seem to have they not realise that marks them as 'pierced ear sluts' who shall never be anything more than slaves?


  1. Sorry, hun, but you are wrong about the pierced ears. - True is, that women haven't had their ears pierced unless they were slaves. But many MEN in the books were wearing earrings. - Yes, John Norman and his contradictions... :-)

  2. I stand corrected. I have only read about a dozen of the books and never seen earrings on men mention so I appreciate the feedback.