Monday, 14 February 2011

The Lost Boy

Having been separated from his Master for quite some time, Ash the kajirus is finding it harder to cope.  He has survived in the wild during the coldest time of the year, eating what he could, sleeping where he could, but the strain is beginning to show.  He is dirty and hungry, feeling despair as he thinks he will never have a home again.  

The residents of the isle either do not notice him or else believe his words that he "must get home to Master".  There is no master and home is amongst the animals in one of the sheds, but so few people new the man that Ash loved as a master that no one questions him.  

Ash conceals the truth of what has occurred out of fear of what will become of him.  After the harsh winter, how much longer can he go on alone?

Ash - The Lost Boy

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