Monday, 9 May 2011 more

So I quit Gor.  I got tired of all the abuse I was getting OOC (out of character).  Everyone wants to play their way and no one else's.  I got sick of the whole raid, cap, rape, release nature of SL gay Gor.  It seems to have no relation to the Gor books.  Someone told me that rape was an essential part of Gor.  I said that I had only read of the rape of slaves and not Free Men going around capturing and raping other Free Men, but I was ignored.  As someone who was sexually assaulted in real life, I refuse to roleplay rape - usually it is perpetrated by some arsehole who has no idea of the physical, emotional and mental impact it carries.  I had a conversation about my real life experiences with a Gorean 'master' who told me that Gor was no place for someone who is 'handicapped' like me.  I don't see the whole point of the pixel sex thing as being such a big deal.  I went to SL Gor for roleplay; I could have gone to any number of gay for BDSM sex.  No wonder John Norman hates SL Gor so much.

Despite everything, it makes me sad that I am no longer in Gor.  All that time spent reading the books and studying at the Gorean University completing the Pleasure Silks and dance courses and I don't get to use any of it.  Of course the really sad thing is that Ash came in to existence to be a Gorean slave and now serves no purpose at all.  Goodbye Gor.  Goodbye SL.

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